Enterprise data hosted on enterprise platforms at a not so enterprise price

When we say “enterprise” we are saying that our platform is hosted with Microsoft, which is one of the biggest players in cloud computing next to Amazon and Google.

With the SCADAHive platform, you can expect:

  1. Real time monitoring and control of all your assets, no matter the size. This would be everything as small as a riser or pump jack, all the way up to a deep cut plant or battery facility 
  2. VOIP Based callouts that can call, text, email, or all three if you wish.
  3. Production reporting that suits the needs of your organizations production accounting and field leads.
  4. Secure logins and access from any device with a web browser.
  5. 24/7 Remote Support on every industrial controller connected to our system.

The network architecture allows us to have big picture view of your field areas, all the way into more granular graphics, like major facilities details. We take advantage of one of the strongest distributed server architectures in the industrial control system space, with local thin clients at major facility for local operators, integrated into the cloud application for remote viewing. Depending on your assets and vision for your operations.

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SCADAHive Advantage

SCADAHive ensures that all our customers have an enjoyable and successful customer experience. We follow a 5-step process that is developed by our team for your team!

Monte Schwing

General Manager & SCADAHive Developer

 Monte is our General Manager at our Calgary office and one of the two key developers in SCADAHive!  Monte brings a wealth of local and international experience to our team and is well known for executing projects on time and under budget.  Monte’s charismatic personality makes it a pleasure for all who get the opportunity to work with him.

Earl Basnett

Director of Business Development and Strategic Growth

Earl brings 30 years of experience working in plant, field and the business side of the oil and gas industry as our Director of Business Development and Strategic Growth.  He takes pride in ensuring all his customer needs are met and has a wide range of knowledge to help meet client’s expectations

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Our Customers

Oil and Gas

Providing secure integrated solutions to oil and gas companies, new startups, acquisitions or expansion into new areas

Water Treatment

Software that is configured that saves on grass roots design and programming

Wastewater Treatment

Using a best practice approach we ensure flexibility that works for our customers


Cost effective solutions that provide the control needed to manage your equipment

Automation Companies

No hidden data costs with a distributed scalable server architecture

Integrated Solutions that work for you!

See how SCADA HIVE has worked with clients to ensure that they are our top priority! We are very proud to be an integral part of our customer’s success story

Huron Energy

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Soylent Corp

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